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             Fussy Children

If my Mom were still living, she would attest to the truth of me often being a fussy baby. Was I sick, colicky, bored or spoiled?

I’d guess a combination would best describe my condition. Years later, at 50 cents an hour, I learned the stress levels of caring for a fussy baby. 

I eagerly awaited motherhood. With open arms, and open heart, I brought a daughter and son into the world. 

Each experienced their share of sickness, colic, boredom and a bit too much pampering. I doled out medications and toys to pacify them.

As Momma, I comforted them.

I am God’s child and at times, I am fussy.
I pout; I whine and mope. Am I ill, bored or spoiled?

True confessions time…

First, when I am under the weather, I throw pity parties. Boredom is rare; I’m too busy for frequent boredom.

Me, spoiled?

As Father, God comforts me. 

“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you (Isaiah 66:13a NKJ).”          
Wing His Words
Pam Ford Davis

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